We mention or feature specific products and promotions on CuddleHuddle.com. This page is to clarify exactly what those various approaches may be, and any potential relationship or benefit we might derive from those references.

First, the formal disclosure:

  • We do not accept payment to review a product or service.
  • For any link to a product – be it a review, a formal recommendation, or simply a link in my content – We may be paid a commission if you purchase that product. These “affiliate links” do not affect the price you pay.

Now, with that out of the way, here’s the more important practical interpretation:

We try to make sure that our evaluation of a product, service or website has nothing to do with whether or not a product is free to us or whether or not we might make a commission when you purchase it.

The reality of how we work actually turns out to be the quite the opposite – it’s the products themselves, or the discussions that crop up about them, that drive which products we mention. Each is evaluated based on my opinion of its merits.

Affiliate links are used throughout the site. Any product link may be an affiliate link.