3 Reasons Why Gay Dating Sites are the Best Place to Meet Gay Men

By Shay | Gay Dating

Aug 21
Best Place to Meet Gay Men

There are a plethora of reasons why the Internet is the best place to meet gay men. Gay men are well-connected, tech-savvy and are heading to the Internet in droves to expand their dating options.

You may already be one of them, but in case you aren’t – here are a few reasons you should be.

Big City Options in a Small Town

Meeting gay men in a city that is not Frisco or NYC can be challenging. Straight singles – even the ones who live in a one-horse town – have much better odds of running into a potential dating prospect anywhere they go, but with gay men – well, there just may not be that many around where you live.

Or even if there are a few, how are you going to go about identifying them?

Getting online allows you to instantly connect with gay men in your area. There’s no awkward glances to try to determine his gayness, no double-guessing your own gaydar, you just hop online and if he’s on there, he’s gay, he’s single (hopefully), and well, the rest is history.

Substance over Superficiality

Although a quick glance through any Grindr profile may convince you otherwise, the online dating sphere does emphasize personality and common interests over superficiality.

Sure, you may be originally drawn to his picture(s), but a picture is just a picture and you’re going to need more than that to keep up the constant chatting and emailing back and forth.

With all the competition on the online dating scene – tons and tons of profiles at the click of a button – it does take something a little different, a little more substantive to keep you talking to one hottie over all the other ones.

Not to mention it’s also that much easier to dismiss someone once he shows himself to be a complete douchebag.

Keep Yourself Looking Fresh (and Your Wallet Intact)

There are always other options of meeting gay men, but if you want exposure to as many gays as online dating offers – it requires a near-daily trek out at odd hours of the night to take up your spot in some dingy hole of a club with bad circulation and worse lighting.

Gay clubs and bars are fun once in a blue moon, but frequent them too often and it won’t be long before you’re looking seriously haggard. Not to mention, no one likes a beer gut.

Once you factor in bar cover charges and the drinks you’ll be buying for yourself and the few hotties you may get a chance to talk to, and frequenting these clubs starts taking a toll on your wallet also.

Online dating keeps you fresh and pretty (and rich) for when you do score that hot date.

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