Why Rebound Relationships Fail Most of The Time (But Don’t Have to)

why rebound relationships fail

Breakups are hard – no matter who makes the decision to break things off. Even if there were great reasons to break things off (abusive or toxic relationships, for instance), it can be hard to pick yourself back up. When it’s a long-term relationship ending, it can be even harder. And, rather than dealing with … Read more

5 Things Every Man Can Do to Craft the Catchiest Dating Profile

dating profile for men

You’ve finally jumped aboard the online dating ship and are ready to start attracting some fantastic dates…welcome aboard! The Internet gives you access to a wider area of partner possibilities – seriously, across the entire globe – and instantly increases your chances of finding someone you just click with than, say, your small town of … Read more

9 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

If you’re wondering if what you’re noticing are signs of an emotionally unavailable woman, you may feel like you’re hitting a wall just trying to confirm if your suspicions are true. There’s a lot of info out there on emotionally unavailable men but their women counterparts can be just as heartbreaking, although there isn’t as … Read more

7 Simple Rules to Master the Art of Conversation

art of conversation

While lust at first sight requires no words, the kind of love that inspires and endures usually begins with conversation. As Dead Prez so accurately rapped: “We could have mind sex, we ain’t got to take out clothes off yet…Before we make love, let’s have a good conversation.” Obviously, conversation is important not only in … Read more