Dating for Three Months But Not Official…Move On Or Wait?

dating for three months but not official

You’ve been dating for three month but not official…STILL?? Some of the most frustrated women you’ll find out there are dealing with the same dilemma: They’ve been dating a guy for a while, but nothing’s been made official. If you’re one of these women, this is obviously a problem for several different reasons. For starters, … Read more

5 Simple Yet Brilliant Ways to Get Him Back After He Broke Up With You

ways to get him back

Put your hand up if you’ve been dumped and you were miserable. Bet’s on that this has happened to you, and when the nasty event transpired you couldn’t help but think to yourself, “How on earth do I get him back?” Rest assured, you’re not alone. When conventional dating emerged as a trend, we began … Read more

Why Rebound Relationships Fail Most of The Time (But Don’t Have to)

why rebound relationships fail

Breakups are hard – no matter who makes the decision to break things off. Even if there were great reasons to break things off (abusive or toxic relationships, for instance), it can be hard to pick yourself back up. When it’s a long-term relationship ending, it can be even harder. And, rather than dealing with … Read more

17 Signs He Wants to Be Exclusive

signs he wants to be exclusive

On the hunt for tell tale signs he wants to be exclusive? You’ve been seeing each other for a few months, but haven’t worked up the nerve for “the talk.” But, short of having the talk, what if there are other ways to tell his intentions, or if he wants to be exclusive? There are. … Read more