10 Signs He Likes You More Than a Hookup

Look, it can be hard to know how a guy feels about you, I know. We guys aren’t always the best about knowing our own feelings, much less making them obvious to you or anyone else.

But there are some things we can’t help doing, and as a result, you can tell from our actions if we’re just all about getting in your pants, or if we like you in and out of the bedroom.

Like that, you ask? Here’s 10 signs he likes you more than a hookup!

He gives you his quality time

If he’s with you during the day, that’s a good sign. If he only shows up at 2 am for a bar close booty call, not so much.

So pay attention to what times he gives you, and what he wants to do with you—there’s a big difference between wanting to run errands together and just wanting to dirty some sheets.

He wants you both nights of the weekend

If a guy is seeing multiple women, he’s not going to see you both Friday and Saturday night. Instead, he’ll give you one or the other, so he can keep the other night free.

If he regularly wants to see you consecutive nights, though, it’s a pretty safe bet that he likes you for more than just the sex.

He introduces you to his inner circle

This may even include his family. Guys might introduce a hookup to his guy friends, as a way of bragging about his conquest or a way of showing he can score dates with a hottie like you.

He won’t, however, bring you around to see his family unless he’s interested in developing something more with you. Guys don’t bring girls home to meet their family unless they see themselves staying with her and making something of a future together.

He communicates daily

If he sees you as a booty call or hookup only, he’s only going to text or call when he gets laid. If he thinks of you as something more, though, he’s going to be in much more regular contact.

If he’s texting you daily, and replies to your messages immediately, that’s a good sign that he wants more with you.

He’s patient with you

If he recognizes that his time with you doesn’t have to be rushed, and he’s patient with you as you make decisions, that means he’s willing to move at your pace, which is a pretty clear sign that he’s interested in developing a deeper relationship with you.

If we’re just about the sex with you, we aren’t going to take that time.

He brings up the future

If you note that he brings up things he’d like to do with you in the future, that’s a good sign—because that means he sees you in his future. That might not mean he’s thinking marriage, but it definitely means he sees things with you going somewhere.

He isn’t interested in other women

Look, you can tell when a guy with your with is checking out other women. If he just wants to be with you, he isn’t going to do that.

Similarly, even if he’s a natural flirt, you might notice you’re the only one he flirts with. Those are really good signs that he’s only interested in you.

He’s interested in you

And not just your body. I mean, he’s going to ask questions about you, about your past, your future, and genuinely wants to hear your stories. If he’s really into you, he wants to get to know you, the real you, and that may mean lots of questions, and not just superficial ones like “How was your day?”

These deeper conversations are a clear sign that he wants to build a meaningful emotional connection with you, like in a real relationship, which is about more than just sex.

He wants your feedback

When a guy just wants to know you physically, they’re not likely to care much what you think, as long as you’re willing to sleep with them. When a guy really trusts you and values your opinion and thoughts, though, you know that he sees you as more than just a hookup.

If you find he not only respects your thoughts but values and uses your advice, then you know he’s really into you.

He supports you

When he’s there for you when you need him, that’s a good sign. Most guys if just in it for sex will bail when you need emotional support, but that’s not the case if he sees you as relationship material, or someone he wants to be with longer-term.

The flip side, of course, is that if he’s there for you, and sees you as longer-term relationship material, he’s also going to expect you to be there for him, because this means he trusts you and wants to be with you.

So does your guy show these signs? If so, pay attention to them, because it’s pretty clear he’s into you for more than just the physical stuff. Instead, he wants to build something meaningful with you — even if he isn’t honest enough with himself (or self-aware) to recognize that fact.

So pay attention to his actions more than his words; he may well be saying “let’s keep it casual,” but if he acts like the points above, you know he wants more, even if he doesn’t realize it.

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