8 Tell Tale Signs She Wants a Relationship With You

There comes a time when you know you want more than a fling. It’s right about the time you start looking for signs she wants a relationship with you.

It goes something like this: You’ve been dating her for a while and you’ve gone totally ga-ga. You think she’s positively beautiful inside and out. You’d like to see her a few times a week. Hell, even your friends are telling you that you’d be crazy to stop seeing her.

And it’s true – you’re absolutely enamoured with this girl. The only problem? You have no idea as to where you two stand.

This is probably one of the most frustrating parts of dating. A lot of it revolves around the reality of trying to read the other person’s mind. When you’re doing this with even the loveliest woman, it’s natural to feel like you’re playing a game of mission impossible.

One minute it seems like she’s up, the next it seems like she’s down.

But you’re just looking for signs to answer this simple question in your mind: “Are we a thing?”

If you’re in this situation then not to worry – we’ve compiled a list of 8 easy-to-spot signs she wants a relationship with you. If you breeze through this list, nodding in agreement, you’ll have all the assurance you need to finally have that talk!

She introduces you to her friends

Do not take it lightly when a girl finally introduces you to her friends, because it’s a really big deal. Generally a girl won’t let her buddies meet a mister until she feels he’s worth keeping around.

Women never go out of their way to integrate a guy into their lives unless they truly think they’ve met boyfriend material.

She wants you to meet her family

This is huge! You can rest assured that she sees you as more than eye candy when she gets you to shake her mom or dad’s hand. This is definitely a sign of approval, and she wants her parents to take a liking to you, too.

That would mean you can all spend more time together in the future, and they will become trusting of your presence in her life.

She asks if you want to hang out on weekdays

Usually if a girl wants to keep it only casual, she’ll stick to seeing you on the weekends when she doesn’t have to take time out of her busy schedule.

You know you’re really in if she invites you to the baseball game on a Wednesday night or even to a restaurant on a Thursday for a delicious plate of sushi.

She doesn’t mind paying

Generally speaking, girls appreciate the gesture of you footing the bill for the first few dates because let’s face it – chivalry is hot. But when a girl’s really digging you she won’t hesitate to take her wallet out and pay the bill pronto.

Money should never be the centre of a relationship, but signs like this can signal the start of one.

She spends the night at your place

In the initial stages of dating the girl might come to your place but leave after a couple of hours to go home. When a girl truly loves your presence she’ll embrace entire nights with you.

You know she’s interested in a relationship when she’s become comfortable with you like this – maybe even with her makeup off. Take it as a compliment!

She holds your hand in public

It might seem like a little thing, but girls take holding hands really seriously. When she doesn’t mind holding your hand in public you know that she feels proud to be with you.

What she’s trying to really tell you is that you’re definitely boyfriend material.

She calls you

Forget texting – when a girl takes time to actually dial your number, you know she’s hooked. Girls only talk to a guy on the phone when they’ve become attached.

This shows that she loves making time for you, and it might be a great opportunity for you to bring up the subject of exclusivity.

She does cute things for you

Girls only go out of their way to make a kind gesture if they feel the other person is someone worth investing in. As an example, if you’ve developed a cold, she might bring you chicken soup to show you she cares.

She might bring a coffee to you at work or buy you the book you mentioned you wanted to get. If this happens, spring for it!

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