Do Emotionally Unavailable Men Change?

Do Emotionally Unavailable Men Change

One thing every women who’s been in an emotionally unfulfilling relationship wants to know is: Do emotionally unavailable men change? The short answer? No. Not usually. Very rarely. The longer answer: Sometimes, but again, it’s pretty rare, and there are some other issues that often also need to be addressed. That said, let’s dive in! … Read more

7 Simple Rules to Master the Art of Conversation

art of conversation

While lust at first sight requires no words, the kind of love that inspires and endures usually begins with conversation. As Dead Prez so accurately rapped: “We could have mind sex, we ain’t got to take out clothes off yet…Before we make love, let’s have a good conversation.” Obviously, conversation is important not only in … Read more

6 Tell Tale Signs He’s Lying To You

Signs He's Lying To You

You’ve hit the wall. And you just need to know the most tell tale signs he’s lying to you so you can finally move on past the suspicions, the doubt and anger. Sometimes the make-it-or-break-it point in a relationship comes down to just one thing: is he lying to you? If you’re caught at the … Read more